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people-oriented, forge ahead, impeccable quality, excellence

Huzhou Onsun Gaming Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Onsun Gaming Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in the spring of 2000, it is located on the south side of the Urban Industrial Park in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province. The transportation advantage is obvious, 180 kilometers away from Shanghai and 70 kilometers away from Hangzhou. The company covers an area of 40,000 square meters, including 20,000 square meters of factory buildings and 4,000 square meters of office buildings. The company is a professional enterprise integrating office furniture design and development, production and sales, and after-sales service. It now has more than 200 professional process technicians, senior management personnel, and product research and development personnel. The annual production capacity of office furniture is nearly 200,000 sets.

All along, Angshang Furniture has always been adhering to the quality policy of "people-oriented, forge ahead, impeccable quality, and excellence". Regarding quality and reputation as the lifeline for the survival and development of the company, with a pragmatic work attitude, we insist on implementing quality management in accordance with international quality standards. In 2006, it passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. The company focuses on opening up the market and still does not relax its The overall improvement of the market and the pursuit of higher goals are all for the satisfaction of customers. Since 2008, all members of the company have learned and used the “6S” management experience of one-heartedness, and they are more confident that Angshang people will move toward entrepreneurial development and then toward the trend!

HAPPYGAME was founded in 2006 and is a brand of Huzhou Onsun Gaming Industry Technology Co., Ltd. It is one of the earliest companies in the world to develop and produce gaming tables and chairs. It mainly includes simple functional gaming chairs and multi-functions. E-sports chairs, smart e-sports chairs, e-sports tables and smart racing simulator brackets. The company began to analyze the structure and function of car seats in 2011, and took the lead in successfully developing 10 years of durability and tilting 145° science. The rest angle and the all-steel frame system, the 2019 CCTV Disciplinary Film (Seat Spring and Autumn) fully explained the origin of the gaming chair.

Products and Services

HAPPYGAME(赛途乐)With registered trademarks in China, the United States, Japan, and the European Union, the products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and are deeply loved by users. Products mainly include R&D, testing, production and sales of gaming tables and chairs. Starting in 2019, it has successively sponsored well-known e-sports teams TSG, AXI, MCG, XJ, etc., and is the exclusive sponsor of the official annual tournament e-sports chair of the 2020 WUCG World University E-sports League.


Rated as the most trusted supplier by many overseas customers, it is a veritable seat that can sit for 10 years. It was broadcast on the CCTV Disciplinary Film Channel (Seat Spring and Autumn) to objectively explain the origin of the e-sports chair, and it has won the provincial high-tech Recognition of technology enterprises, municipal R&D centers, ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO4501:2018 occupational health and safety management system, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system

Brand Culture

Quality Marketing, Quality First, Brand Marketing, Reputation First, Conscience Marketing, Virtue First.

Adhere to the corporate tenet of "people-oriented, honesty first, scientific development, and dedication to society", pursue the business philosophy of "market comes from quality, reputation is more important than Mount Tai", and implement the quality policy of "management innovation, high quality and efficiency, quality improvement, and building a famous brand", Carry forward the enterprise spirit of "love and dedication, unity and forge ahead, strict and efficient, pioneering and innovative", to realize the Aosheng dream of "creating a century-old enterprise, building a century-old brand, and achieving a century-old classic", and work together to create brilliant!

development history


The racing seat research and development project was approved by the company, and the all-steel structure of the Toyota Crown car seat was initially adopted.


The first 7001 fabric racing chair was successfully developed, and foreign customers intend to purchase


Successful application for 7 appearance patents of racing chair


At the request of foreign customers, Onsun Gaming Chair officially changed its name to Gaming Chair. The English name is game chair. This keyword query appears on Baidu and Google.


HAPPYGAME(赛途乐)Chinese trademark was officially registered, 3 national invention patents for gaming chairs, 5 utility model patents


HAPPYGAME(赛途乐)The EU trademark application is submitted. Passed 1SO9001:2009 quality system certification in the same year


HAPPYGAME(赛途乐)Registered trademarks in the United States and Japan, and applied for an EU patent for 7004 gaming chairs in the same year; recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province


Changxing TV Station (Dialogue Entrepreneur) interviewed Aosheng E-sports, e-sports furniture has become a new growth point for Changxing’s foreign exchange earning; recognized as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province


The e-sports table project was successfully developed and the first RGB lighting e-sports table obtained CE certification


HAPPYGAME(赛途乐)Tmall flagship store and JD flagship store successfully settled in. The CCTV documentary channel (Discovery Journey) channel broadcasted (Seat Spring and Autumn) fully explained the origin of the gaming chair. Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center listed


Huzhou Onsun E-Sport Industry Technology Co.,LTD. second-phase plant technical transformation was implemented. The total production area was expanded to 35,000 square meters. There were more than 100 e-sports chair products and more than 10 e-sports tables; the municipal high-tech enterprise R&D


The first racing simulator bracket was successfully mass-produced. The smart racing simulator bracket was put into the production, education and research process, the intellectual property management system was certified, and the Filament maternal and child product trademark was registered. The subs

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