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Unexpected delisting of the "first share of e-sports"

2021-08-19 管理员 Read 656

"The Cavaliers are now very strong, and the new king celebrates the triumph." In early November, after the self-sponsored team EDG won the LPL (League of Legends) global finals, Razer officially released this celebratory Weibo on Weibo. This hard-won victory has excited the fans in the e-sports circle up to brand owners and down to outside circles.

However, only one month later, Razer, who once carried the reputation of "the first share of e-sports", issued an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange saying that its chairman, executive director and chief executive officer Chen Minliang, non-executive director Lim Kaling, and CVC had made an offer. Ren, proposed to privatize the company through an agreement arrangement. The write-off price is HK$2.82 per share. This price is a premium of about 5.6% from yesterday’s closing price of HK$2.67. Razer’s share price has increased substantially compared to the past month.

However, this is still far from the issue price of HK$3.88 at the time of the IPO, and the total market value is far less than the highest point on the second day of listing in 2017, which was nearly HK$45 billion. Affected by the news of the delisting, Razer Hong Kong stocks fell more than 10% in early trading on the 2nd, hitting a minimum of 2.39 Hong Kong dollars.

From the peak of HK$5.12 per share at the beginning of the listing to HK$2.39 per share today, in the past five years, Razer’s share price has been sluggish since its peak and has continued to fall to less than HK$2. Up to now, Razer has only used the 2020 and 2021 financial results to push the stock price to HK$2. At present, the scale of China's e-sports industry continues to expand. According to the statistics of iResearch, users' online entertainment time under the influence of the epidemic has increased significantly, which further promotes the overall growth rate of the e-sports market. It is expected that the e-sports market will exceed 180 billion yuan in 2021. . As a peripheral head manufacturer that has accompanied the e-sports industry along the way, Razer has not kept up with the development of the industry. Today, after delisting, Razer has not yet reached a conclusion.

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